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There is no such thing as what is better.
Most Uber X drivers use there own cars which will cause big wear and tear while Uber Black driver who use Federal Limo have everything included.

Federal Limo located at Guardian Automotive Collision and have in house mechanical electrical and collision center.
Federal Limo have certified commercial insurance and permited by City of Dallas and DFW.

Federal Limo have UBER X cars availiable.

Difference Between Uber Black and Uber X:

In general speaking Uber Black rides are  2-3 times more expensive.

But the amounts of the rides are smaller and the driving time with in the ride

is smaller which is benefit the driver.

Federal Limo have close to 200 drivers. Most of our drivers use to do UBER X before.

Most Uber x drivers will use an economical car that might do around 30 miles a galon,

while Uber black will use a suburban that do 15-20 miles a galon. But since uber x driver

need to do 3 times the amount of driving for the same money - Uber x driver will 

spend more money for gas.

Enclose 2 samples from middle of the week.

1 for UBER Black that show that only 33% of the time they are driving and Uber X

sample that show that 90% of the time uber x driver is driving.

It's case by case basis but in general speaking drive who do uber x will driver triple 
the miles for the same money as shown in the sample above.


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