Uber/Lyft Partner office located at CARSTAR Guardian Autobody

11211 Ables

Ln Dallas TX 75229 

Pay may very per driver $600-$1500



Promo code:ODED2

must mark taxi or livery

We are a Uber and Lyft partner since 2013. We rent SUV's and Sedans to 

Drivers.Uber or Lyft pay us and we deduct the rent from the uber/Lyft income. 

In order to be part of our team, You must

pass an uber/Lyft black background check.


Use the green link and apply for a black account (no cost) with uber - that we start the uber black background check You must mark livery in the button selection.

If you don't it will start an x account which is the wrong check.


If you are an uber x driver - You must sign in with a different email account

Please follow up with checkr which is the background check company

at 844-224-3257

Uber will not activate you unless you pass a background check which can take 2-3 weeks.

The uber site will ask for your social security number and driver license number

(you must have a Texas driver license)

If uber site ask you for your car info - it means that you file

the wrong application (you file for uber x)

and you need to start a new application or just

come to an uber office to fix your application.


We are doing Lyft as well as Uber.

We are doing LYFT black,Lyft Black SUV, LUX,

Lyft Xl as well as all Lyft rides.

Our commercial account with lyft will allow you to do

much more expensive ride that doing regular lyft.



If you do not have lyft account - please sign in

and use promo code oded2. 









This website is an informational website provided by Federal Limo

a “Black /SUV Uber/lyft partner” We were established in 1989 at LAX airport, in 2003 the company moved to DFW and have built a reputation as a leader within the transportation industry.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB - Better Business Bureau

(No.2 in seniority in Dallas), Member of the NLA, Winner of Angie's List

Super Service award, and partner with Uber since 2013.


We are not an Uber X/lyft operator and all our drivers operate our Limo Company Sedans and Suv's 

Uber/LYFT pays for the ride minus uber/lyft commision,

We collect the tolls and rent and pay our drivers a weekly check after deductions.

Our drivers are responsible for gas parking and tickets.

Our drivers operate all services which includes ,SUV rides, Black Rides, Select rides , xl as well of x rides - which means possible double the income.

The average driver makes $600-$1500 a week and requires to work 50-60 hour a week

This is not a part-time job and you need to put full-time hours in order to pay your rent, tolls, fuel and only then you get paid.

Our drivers are independent contractors since we do not control the work

they do.


We have commercial insurance and all our drivers must be over 21,

at least one year with Texas driver License. and with accident and ticket clean records.


All drivers must sign a contract and pass an uber background check.

If you are an uber x driver . You must do a new background check.

There is no more City of Dallas, Dfw or Fort Worth id requirement.


For any questions please call us at 214-575-7344 


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