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Federal Limo at Guardian Automotive 11211 Ables Ln Dallas Texas 75229


Promo code:ODED2


Federal Limo is a partner with Uber & Lyft since 2013.  We rent SUV's and

Sedans to Drivers. Uber or Lyft pay us and we deduct the rent from the

uber/Lyft income. Rent Charge is $86.00 to $116.00 a day.

In order to be part of our team, You must pass an uber/Lyft black background

check and be qualified base on Federal Limo standards.

In order to apply Use the blue link and apply for a black account (no cost) with

uber - which will start an uber black background check.You must mark livery

in the button selection.

If you don't it will start an x account which is the wrong check.

If you are an uber x driver - You must sign in with a different email account.

Please follow up with checkr which is the background check company

at 844-224-3257 .

Follow up with uber regarding you application at 800-593-7069,You can also

do a 3 way call with our cell at 214-815-7499.

The uber site will ask for your social security number and driver license

number (you must have a Texas driver license).

We are doing Lyft as well as Uber.

We are doing LYFT black,Lyft Black SUV,

Lyft Xl as well as all Lyft rides.

Our commercial account with lyft will allow you to do

much more expensive ride that doing regular lyft.

Average income is about $800-$1500 and is not Guarented and

it is recomended only for full time driver.

Federal Limo Driver Requirements:

1. Age 23-68.

2. US Driving experience of at least one year.

3. Clean Driving record with no more then one speeding violation 

    of more then 15mph or One accident at fault for last 3 years.

    Driver  required to bring dmv 3 years history form(use DPS link above)

4. AAA Plus or Premier or All State Elite Membership.

5. The driver must have no charges involving or in any way relating to driving

     under the influence or driving while intoxicated during the last five (5) years.
6. The driver must have no positive drug tests during the last five (5) years.


Give us your name and email below and we will send you an invite

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